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About us

Smart Link Consultancy is in the business to provide pertinent consulting and excellent service, in the fields of training and development, through the hosting of successful seminars, conferences, workshops, and in-house training programs. We successfully use the above events to address current industry trends and legislative frameworks of the land. Our events are modeled upon
cutting edge and innovative developments as well as best practices so as to be relevant and effective across a wider spectrum of industries and markets. We endeavor to deliver high quality and relevant training for both the private and public sectors, which will provide them with the necessary sought after skills to satisfy the valued customer thereby allowing organizations to focus on their strategic and key objectives.

Smart Link Consultancy provides business leaders with the OPPORTUNITY to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences with regard to performance improvement across a variety of functional areas. These professionals convene to collectively consider solutions to problems and respond to the pressures created by the changing business environment. This process allows participants to consider previously unseen alternatives, refine their approach and commit to actions that will enhance their performance to better serve clients and stakeholders.

Why we are different
We help organisations develop the talent of their senior executives by delivering niche B2B conferences and TRAINING COURSES. All of our training courses are developed out of months of industry consultation and independent research. They address compelling business issues and are delivered by recognised industry experts. Our events follow a structured learning environment to ensure learning and development objectives are exceeded. Our Public Events are delivered by industry leaders from around the world and provide delegates with great OPPORTUNITIES to exchange ideas and network with their peers. Our Turnkey Events team provides organisations with a complete event MARKETING solution including; programme development and speaker acquisition to delegate marketing campaign and brand positioning.

Our In-House Training team specialises in providing organisations’ with COST efficient, tailored training programmes to address a specific learning and development needs Please browse through the list of events for more information and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon.

We want our to create opportunities for staff to learn, grow and develop professionally based on a culture of on mutual respect, entrepreneurialism and meritocracy. We encourage our people to behave and think in a way that is creative, passionate, collaborative and strives for excellence. This is reflected in the conferences and digital content products we produce, in addition to our relationships with colleagues and business partners alike. We recognise and reward excellence, and are proud of our culture, which is underpinned by our core values.

To be the number one choice, providing all clients with the highest level of excellent service
orientated approach in addressing training and development solutions, with a comprehensive
guarantee of satisfaction.

To be the most reliable and efficient training and development service provider offering a broad
spectrum of related services and products, committed to service excellence and renowned for our
integrity and ability to deliver.


Partnering / Relationships

To support the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework, National Skills
Development Strategy, the Employment Equity Act and a host of other instruments that develop our citizens.