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Training Methodology
The programme will be interactive and practical; with learning methods to suit every kind of learning preference. There will be activities in groups and pairs as well as individual exercises and everyone will get an opportunity to discuss their work challenges in a supportive environment. There will also be opportunity to practice assertive communication skills through role play and to present a presentation towards the end of the course.

Organisational Impact
• More proactive confident team players
• Increased creativity and productivity
• More motivated customer focused staff
• Reduced absenteeism and illness through reduced stress levels
• Greater harmony through increased self-awareness and interpersonal skills
• More productive meetings and better time management.

Personal Impact
• Substantial increase in motivation and confidence.
• In-depth understanding of the principles and practices of successful office managers.
• More calm and satisfying work life through stress management and self-awareness.
• Greater self-respect and communication impact through learning to speak assertively.
• Overcoming fear of public speaking and creating an effective presentation.
• Knowing how to get organised and stay on top of your tasks and time.