The Rise of Agile Social Media Marketing

If your social media content is terrible, no one interacts. To keep pumping out lifeless content is not something most marketing leadership teams are going to tolerate for long. Agile methodology, the popular development technique, could be a solution to managing social media in a hyper-changing environment.

Development teams use the agile methodology to rapidly deploy and test new platforms and features.  This approach has also become popular for marketing over the past few years. To deploy Agile in social media, teams would need to develop systems to receive real-time information about the social environment, create and deploy content and engagement quickly, and to react to trends and emerging conversations as they happen. This goes beyond the war-room and command center approach to be constantly adapting to the environment. Agile Social Media utilizes the Community Manager as the Scrum Master, and its responsibility is to manage the interests and activities of the other team members in all situations.


This two day summit is an interactive & engaging convergence of the digital community specifically designed to showcase the very latest and exciting developments in digital marketing and it’s future developments. It is also designed to address the shifts and chaos marketing leaders face every day. This unparalleled program offers marketers and their leadership team an expanded agenda filled with research, advice and shared learning across B2B and B2C environments. This summit provides a platform for leading case studies that will explore strategic planning for AI and agile methodology adoption for social media excellence, and how to formulate a solid social media governance framework that ensures that you maintain your reputation online.

This highly acclaimed event brings together key social media stakeholders to deliver key insights to build audience trust and enhance consumer engagement. Digital marketing technology trends will change the way we do business and with a rapidly advancing tech sector, marketing and technology (AI) must work hand in hand to create new methods for brands to target consumers and change the digital marketing landscape forever. At this summit, we will help you to identify these emerging digital marketing technology trends like the concept of agile methodology, AI and Automation that will drive the market today and beyond.  If you want to be at the forefront of digital, you need to be innovating all the time, watch other industries and be aware of what trends are coming up to remain future proof.

How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has transformed our marketing practices and most probably, in the anticipated future, it will become the cornerstone of our campaigns. As AI and social media begin to go hand in hand simplifying jobs of marketers by providing tools to make sense of huge consumer data, reach individual users with personalized content and create better customer journeys, it is fast becoming an integral component to how we work, and the way we socialize online.
AI with its tremendous capabilities to collect data, analyze, apply, and then learn from it- is transforming digital strategy and big brands are already embracing it to make their marketing strategies more personalized and future-friendly. As AI continues to advance, so will its capabilities improve social media marketing strategies and bring valuable customer insights for companies.
Join us at this quintessential summit to learn how AI is transforming social media today.

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