Disruptive Technology & Innovation Africa Conference 2018 is a flagship event where an illustrious list of speakers will come together to pore over emerging trends in technology and innovation. It is a unique opportunity for businesses, tech companies, manufacturers, service organizations and regulators to understand the impact of IoT and Internet in various sectors such as Manufacturing, AgriTech, Manufacturing, EduTech, FinTech and Energy Tech.

Leaders, innovators, real-time scientists and subject matter experts from innovation labs, technology companies, research institutions and organizations will take centre-stage at this conference. Apart from interesting sessions, workshops and talks on disruption and innovation, the conference will also include novel experiences like a AI, VR, Cryptocurrency & Cryptography.

This two-day conference will bring together experts from various industries such as technology development, marketing, sales and human resources to address the attendees on Innovation, Disruption, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data etc. It also intends to shed light on how to adopt pioneering technology in order to transform businesses in the future. Be prepared for constant flow of fresh ideas, where you are guaranteed to learn something new across sessions and workshops.

This conference brings together brilliant minds from across industries, to discuss, share and generate ideas and concepts that will revolutionize Africa. The conference provides an unparalleled platform to discuss ideas on innovation in various sectors and enables participants to come up with path-breaking, innovative and cutting-edge ideas

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