Call For Proposals
Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Africa 
Conference Johannesburg


Smart Link Consultancy is seeking industry professionals to contribute new ideas, solutions, and innovations for current issues and challenges that confront the tech and innovation space. Our highest-rated presenters are people like you who have challenged conventional wisdom and/or are willing to share real lessons learned.

Conference attendees include personnel in digital, tech, innovation, VR, AI, robotics, data, blockchain, machine learning …etc and related industries. Please note the audience also consists of both new and seasoned (10+ years in industry) professionals.

Proposals will be judged on:

  1. Content

  • Are the ideas presented new and forward thinking?

  • Are the concepts introduced useful and practical?

  • Are learning objectives clearly defined?

  1. Format

  • Are there opportunities for experiential learning interaction among and between participants?

  • Is the scope appropriate to time limitations?

  • Is the instructional design dynamic?

  1. Presenter(s)

  • Is there a demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter?

  • Is there an indication of strong and creative presentation skills?

Smart Link Consultancy is especially interested in new and timely information on industry trends, techniques and best practices in the following areas:

  • AI Tech and Innovation

  • Data Tech and Innovation

  • Robotics Tech and Innovation

  • Blockchain Tech and Innovation

  • Machine Learning Tech and Innovation

  • VR Tech and Innovation

  • Drone Tech and Innovation

  • 3D Print Tech and Innovation

  • Sessions are 45 minutes in duration.

  • Sessions will be scheduled, Wednesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 19. Please do not submit a proposal unless you will be able to appear on any of the days.

  • Sales pitches for products or services disguised as proposals will not be accepted.

  • Session descriptions should be brief and align with content intended to be presented.

  • Smart Link Consultancy requests permission to rebroadcast speaker image, printed materials, and/or voice and video recording in connection with the 2018 Conference. Speakers maintain presentation content copyrights.

  • Working presentations outlines and/ or slide decks are subject to review. Presenters must use the approved Smart Link Consultancy format.

  • Panel discussions are most effective when limited to no more than 3 participants.

  • The deadline to submit proposals is 11:59pm ET on April 30, 2018.

Please contact Themba at  with any questions.

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