Unrivalled Content Marketing, Bloggers & Authors Confirmed to Speak

The purpose of content marketing is to bind customers to your company by convincing them of your products and services through valuable, value-added and group-oriented content. We believe that as content reigns supreme, content creators must be serious about using content to build business and increase revenues in an evolving and increasingly fragmented digital landscape. Today’s leaders must find more effective ways to attract and forge deep bonds with an audience that is increasingly getting savvy about ‘advertorials’, or branded content that’s subtly selling stuff, so brands need to get smarter. It starts with great content. Great content is the key to unlock new customers, happy customers and loyal customers and ultimately making the content genuinely useful or interesting to that small audience segment.

The success of producing great content comes in many forms: converting consumers to avid evangelists, broadening a brand’s influence to increase sales, or building an employee culture that fosters diversity and innovation. The way people consume content changes at an incredible rate, hence it needs to be exactly what they want, delivered in exactly the way they want it, the time of day, the type of device, the format of the content (video vs text), the platform (social media, eBook, YouTube), the consumer’s demographic – all these contribute to how it should be designed. This conference will highlight practical strategies, tactics and tips on how to identify stories within your organization, tailor content across platforms and channels, use storytelling and content marketing to support PR, marketing and internal communications goals, measure your content’s effectiveness and more—no matter what your budget. Join us and get takeaways to produce and distribute content that will turn you into a powerhouse content creator.