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This seminar focuses primarily on the effective management of performance in the workplace. Managing
performance requires that due consideration be afforded to;
(a) Job Design and Content;
(b) The Identification of the requisite knowledge, skills and behaviours (competencies) required to carry out the job effectively;
(c) Ensuring that managers are aware of their role in managing performance as well as being equipped with the necessary skills to carry out this essential part of the manager’s role in practice.
The content and sequencing of topics in this seminar will be structured around these key themes.

The content proposed by this training is organised around three core themes as follows:
• Job Analysis
• Performance management
• Staff Appraisal
In the first one, we explore the fundamentals of effective job analysis and design. The input on this topic will focus specifically on approaches and methods to analysing jobs, drawing up job descriptions and identifying competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviours) required to fulfil the job requirements. These job descriptions have a wide range of uses, e.g. for recruitment and other HR processes and most especially, in this case as a basis for setting performance objectives with staff. Secondly, the Programme will explain the concepts and benefits of systems of performance management. Through explanations and sharing of the facilitators’ own experiences, we will outline what is required to design and implement an effective performance management system. The Programme will draw attention to the link between employee motivation and satisfactory performance at work. Participants will engage in a very
practical exercise of objective setting related to their own work areas. Thirdly, the Programme will incorporate a skills development approach to learning how to prepare, manage and conduct effective appraisals at work. The teaching will be supplemented by video material and practical role plays and will incorporate specific input on styles of effective communication and delivery of constructive feedback.

Target Group
Senior Managers initially and then potential roll-out to middle management – It will be of particular interest to Civil and Public Administration Staff who are currently working in a position with responsibility for the work of others. It will be particularly suitable for: Managers involved in the design and implementation of systems of performance management.
Human Resource Management staff responsible for Job Analysis, use of competency frameworks and/or the operation of systems of performance management.
Managers and supervisors who have staff reporting to them directly, or those aspiring towards management positions within any Ministry, Department or Government Agency. The Programme is also suitable for relevant decision-makers in the institution.
No prior knowledge of performance management and appraisal is required, however, as there is a specific emphasis on skills development in this Programme, participants will be expected to be in a position to apply knowledge and skills learned in the workplace upon their return to work. All participants will be required to undertake role play exercises on staff appraisal during this training Programme and be open to analysis and feedback, both from the facilitators and their co-participants.