Fire and Rescue International (FRI), official magazine of the Southern African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI), is an independent, monthly, technical magazine that has fire management and suppression, rescue, emergency services and incident management as its core focus. The magazine strives to keep a balance between the various sectors that it serves so that each area of expertise is covered on a monthly basis. By doing so, the magazine has become a sought-after publication to which the decision makers in this close-knit industry have subscribed. The main objective of this niche market journal is to raise awareness of new technology, local and international, in depth research projects, legislation and relate industry news and events to our readers. The magazine not only creates an active marketing platform for suppliers to the fire fighting (structural, industrial, ARFF, wildland and forest, petrochemical and marine fires) technical rescue (USAR), high-altitude rescue, mountain search and rescue, EMS, Hazmat and incident management industries, but also acts as a communication forum for this close-knit fraternity, bridging the gap between the urban-wildfire interface and addressing the challenges of the urban-industrial interface. Read more …

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