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In preparation for the King IV™ Code, this seminar aims to prepare organisations that will be bound to report (and comply) under the new Code. Now is the time to start planning and communicating. King IV™ replaces King III in its entirety. King IV™ Code comes into effect in respect of financial years commencing on or after 1 April 2017. Organisations with a year-end of 31 March 2018 will therefore be the first to report under the new Code. The New Code is principles-based and outcomes-based, and takes the challenges and realities of today’s business world into account. King IV™ Code, as before, focuses on stakeholder inclusivity and emphasises that organisations are not only responsible for the economic bottom line, but seriously need to consider the societal and environmental effects and outcomes of their operations. The King IV™ Report is applicable to all types of organisations and governing bodies, across various sectors. This includes public and private institutions, non-profit organisations, municipalities and pension funds. The exercising of these duties and the implementation of the King IV™ code provide an organisation with the necessary building-blocks for a sound foundation of good corporate governance.

• Board chairpersons
• Members of the Board
• Company chairpersons
• Executive Directors
• Managing Directors
• Non-executive Directors
• Chief Executive Officers
• Company Secretaries
• Chief Financial Officers
• Heads of Corporate Planning
• Heads of Organisational Change & Design
• Heads of Learning & Development
• Directors
• Senior Managers
• Chief Operating Officers
• Corporate Executives