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Social Media Marketing Strategies Conference

Setting the Agenda for Social Media Marketing Teams

The premier event in Africa that brings together communication, marketing, social media and digital marketing practitioners for a two day event that serves as the central meeting point for the entire social media marketing industry in the continent to collectively explore and unpack global developments, emerging trends and offer actionable insights in social media. These are conversations you don’t want to miss!

About the Conference
October 21-22, 2021 | In-Person and Virtual
2020 brought unprecedented challenges and changes to the digital space as everyone moved to virtual… everything.
In its eight year, this conference seeks to cement its position as the most sought after and go to event for the digital industry in Africa. Boasting a very diverse bespoke speaker panel carefully selected to offer you the latest tactics and trends impacting social media, you will leave this event armed with practical tools and fresh strategies to launch a successful social media strategy for your brand.
Featured content will cover social media strategy, influencer marketing strategy, content strategy, online reputation management strategy, digital transformation, measurement, AI and developing inclusive and responsive social teams.

Conference Background

12th Annual Social Media Marketing Conference is a two-day event focused on the strategy of utilizing the digital and social media potential to increase your brand presence and assuring your social media business approach. The conference is exclusively designed to help you deploy new thoughts and strategies to penetrate the market and build a strong market presence.

This conference brings together people who are passionate about marketing in the Digital world. The digital force has revolutionized the marketing space and with the advent of Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and state-of-the-art tools the disruption is going to be further. Join us for an amazing two days of learning and sharing views along with the industry experts as our eminent speakers.

Look forward to exciting topics and a great speaker line up that we have been known for. You are welcome to this event which makes it a great platform for Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Learning experience.


Essential Themes in 2021


Data Analytics & Customer Insights:

With over-saturated digital channels, volatile purchasing behaviour, and ever-changing customer expectations, brands need to track touch points throughout the full customer life-cycle to unlock the most impactful personalized experiences.


Content & Creative:

Cut through the noise with empathetic, solution-focused content that truly adds value. Create a deep human connection with stories that engage on an emotional level and are grounded in purpose. Consumers have never wanted to connect with brands more than they do today – be there when they need you most.


Social Media & Influencers:

The social sphere is becoming the one stop shop for human interaction and e-commerce. Explore new channels and content styles, measure incrementality, redefine your influencer strategy to meet new regulations, and restructure your social team to meet new business needs.

How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has transformed our marketing practices and most probably, in the anticipated future, it will become the cornerstone of our campaigns. As AI and social media begin to go hand in hand simplifying jobs of marketers by providing tools to make sense of huge consumer data, reach individual users with personalized content and create better customer journeys, it is fast becoming an integral component to how we work, and the way we socialize online.
AI with its tremendous capabilities to collect data, analyze, apply, and then learn from it- is transforming digital strategy and big brands are already embracing it to make their marketing strategies more personalized and future-friendly. As AI continues to advance, so will its capabilities improve social media marketing strategies and bring valuable customer insights for companies.
Join us at this quintessential summit to learn how AI is transforming social media today.

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Who Should Attend?

Designed for professionals involved in:

  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital Content
  • Media Communications
Agile Social Media Strategies, AI & Governance Summit

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