Boston, USA

Miriam McNabb | CEO
Nationality: American
Company: Dronlife

Miriam has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, working as the VP of Sales and Marketing for financial market technology companies and consulting firms, and in a variety of roles at larger technology firms like Advent Software. She has a degree from the University of Chicago, and further education from BU and Harvard University in higher mathematics and business analysis. An enthusiastic follower of new technologies and new ideas, Miriam is excited to be helping new drone entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

 Johannesburg, South Africa

Devon Hasenbroek | Sales Manager
Nationality: South African
Company: RocketMine

For the past 5 years Devon has been in the Sales Industry. He calls on high end consulting, and engineering companies within the
Geo-spatial industry. Sales is definitely his niche and he thoroughly enjoy the personal interaction with his clients as well as creating lasting friendships.

“I listen well to challenges my clients face and pride myself on providing working solutions.”- Devon.

After recently joining the aviation industry, Devon immediately identified who would need the service and he managed to learn aviation law in a fraction of the time. Devon has mastered the art of matching the right solution to his customers’ needs. As someone who generates a substantial amount for RocketMine, he knows what his limits are and is able to balance work and home with ease.

“I would say that my most successful sales have followed a similar pattern. Once the customer has expressed interest in the service, I make myself available to answer any questions they may have.” –Devon 

 Seattle, USA

Johnny Miller | Photographer/Millefoto
Nationality: American
Company: Code For Africa News Fellow

Johnny Miller is a photographer and filmmaker specializing in documentary projects. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and has extensive networks and knowledge of contemporary African and world issues. His focus is on the urban, cultural, and social issues facing humanity in a fast-changing world. He has received worldwide acclaim for his project “Unequal Scenes”, an aerial exploration of inequality in South Africa.

 Johannesburg, South Africa

Jacques Jooste | Aviation Advisor Africa
Nationality: South African
Company: SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Jacques has over 25 years of aviation experience acquired through a number of Aircraft production, Aviation management, Quality control and assurance and Safety management oversight positions.Based in Johannesburg, Jacques Jooste joined SGS Aviation as Subcontractor Aviation Advisor in September 2016. Since part of the SGS Aviation Team Jacques has performed Operational, Maintenance, Quality/Safety, Helideck audits and Aircraft accident investigation across Africa.

 Capetown, South Africa

Braam Botha | Operations Manager
Nationality: South African
Company:UAV Industries

10 Years of Restaurants and Hotels around the world.
Joined Base 4 Aviation as Base Manager in 2008 and left the Commercial Helicopter industry in 2013 as Base Manager for Cape Town Helicopters for a short period before joining UAV Industries as Operations Manager. I was appointed to set up the Flight School and Commercial Operations. 2 Years later and we have a flight school in Midrand and Cape Town with commercial operations throughout South Africa.

 Capetown, South Africa

Ian Freemantle | CEO
Nationality: South African
Company: Aerovision Unmanned Aerial Solutions Pty (Ltd)

Ian is founder and director of Aerovision Unmanned Aerial Solutions Pty (Ltd). He has a Bsc. Eng. degree from the University of Cape Town, with ten years experience as a senior engineer and more than five years experience in designing and building remotely piloted aircraft. He also has an intimate knowledge of the RPAS industry, specialising in aerial surveying and remote sensing.

 Capetown, South Africa

Benji Meltzer | Co-Founder & CTO
Nationality: South African
Company: Aerobotics

M.Sc. Neurotechnology, Imperial
Benji grew up with an enthusiasm for design and entrepreneurship. He obtained a BSc in Mechatronics Engineering at UCT in 2011. He then worked as a software engineer and business analyst at the Cyest Corporation in Johannesburg, Chile and Australia. The work comprised of building software models of businesses and using these to simulate operations and optimise performance in the mining, telecommunications and logistics industries. Next he returned to his passion for engineering and study, and obtained a Msc in Neurotechnology at Imperial College London. His main research areas at Imperial focussed on machine learning and computational neuroscience. Thereafter he joined Uber for a year, where he worked as an Operations and Logistics Manager for Sub Saharan Africa. Benji has developed niche skills in the mentioned areas and aims to incorporate his analytical, computational and biomedical skill-sets in innovating unique and powerful technology.